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Jenelle Evans Co-host Gabrielle Egan arrested

Jenelle Evans Girl S**t Podcast co-host Gabrielle Egan was arrested on July 24th in Las Vegas for some wild behavior.

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Egan was in Vegas to celebrate her 3rd wedding anniversary.  However, after a few too many drinks Egan got a bit crazy at the Marquee pool club, Egan started belligerently, yelling at patrons.  Police and people are still unclear as to why she was causing such a fiasco, but her behavior prompted security to ask her to leave the premises.  Egan would tell security the following:

“f**k off”

As well as…

“Why do I have to leave you f***ing bitch?” 

As well as a bunch of other remarks that probably came off a bit too colorful.  Egan would refuse to leave the area which would lead to cops detaining her for trespassing.  From here on out things got violent as Egan tried kicking the security guard in the testicles…twice.  Once while the guard was trying to take her away, another when he was switching out her cuffs.  Thankfully, the guard was quick to action, deflecting the first attack and taking the second attack to the knee.

Egan also made numerous attempts to break out of the cop’s grip for a frantic escape down the strip.  She would also headbutt another cop as he attempted to search her.  Egan would eventually go limp which led to the cops carrying her to the car.  Egan would also threaten to stab one of the cops on her trip to jail.


Egan was booked with two counts of battery by prisoner on a first responder and interference with public officer by threat.



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