Jason Kessler Organizer Of White Nationalist Rally Gets Beat Up LIVE (Video)

Jason Kessler is a blogger based in Charlottesville, and as he came out to speak Sunday afternoon near City Hall, he was surrounded by cameras and people

The man who organized a rally in Charlottesville that sparked violent clashes between white supremacist groups and counter-protesters held a press conference, to his surprise the on lookers did not agree with his attempts at apologizing. Instead, they took matters into their own hands and began attacking Jason Kessler.






As several people yelled racist remarks towards Jason Kessler accusing him of being KKK and other provocative chants. A few of the on lookers began hitting and tackling down Jason Kessler. It didn’t seem as though the police was of much help as they could not restraint the attackers.

During his speech a gentleman pushed him away from the microphones and yelled ” Indict for murder ” do you think Jason who was the rallys organizer should be charged with murder for the death of 1 of the 19 injured?

Jason Kessler is a blogger with much to say, although this time others had more fists than words for him.

How responsible is Jason? Please share and comment and let us know what you think of Jason Kesslers actions that lead to 18 injured and 1 dead.