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Hollywood Star George Lemore and his new Show ‘Gotcha!’

George's new show will be similar to 'Punk'd'

Hip Hop mogul, George Lemore is launching a new reality TV show ‘Gotcha!’, which he’s producing and starring in.

Credit Hollywood Top News

Lemore got his start at the age of seven on the ABC soap opera phenomenon ‘General Hospital’. Keeping up with the entertainment industry since then, Lemore has spoken openly about the hardships of the entertainment industry, stating that the hardest avenues involved being taken seriously as well as being underpaid.
Lemore’s objective with ‘Gotcha!’ is to get back at the folks who may have wronged him in the past…albeit while having some fun of course.
Lemore stated that his new show ‘Gotcha!’ will be a hip-hop version of Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Punk’d’, in which he will target Hip-Hop Icons, various celebrities as well as family and friends. The program is set to start production in January 2021.
Lemore is currently working with Ray J on the TV Series ‘Animal Court’ which has real animals in the courtroom with TV personality Joe Judge Brown. Lemore also goes by the rap name L.A. Buck and he has a new album ‘BuckTales’ slated for release next month as well.



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