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Harvey Weinstein Flew Out Of U.S To Receive Treatment For His Addiction “BUT”


Sick and twisted is the mind and intent of the notorious Harvey Weinstein.  So many questions come to mind; so let’s jump right in.

I first hand, had the uncomfortable experience of hearing a leaked tape of Harvey inciting a woman he planned to have sexual relations with.  In my most blunt and honest opinion, he sounded like a cigarette fiend who was broke and would do anything for the butt of a wet cigarette.  He sounded like a serious drug addict who just wanted one hit of his drug of choice and would do anything humanly possible to do so.

Although he has supposedly flown to receive treatment on his expensive private jet, the location remains unknown.  The question is, is Weinstein actually receiving treatment?  He was supposedly scheduled to fly out of the country to Switzerland to receive treatment.  Then he was prompted to go to Arizona.  According to Zach Seemayer of, Weinstein landed in Arizona but ended up in a completely different area than where the treatment center was located supposedly.




Another inevitable question that must be covered, is why do A-List celebrities like Weinstein get a pat on the rear for their behavior while attempting to convince the world that he had consensual relations with the 15 plus women?  Whereas Bill Cosby did the same thing (to an extent) as was vilified by the media and the American public.  As a nationwide community, we must really come to some sort of prognosis on human deviance rather than grading delinquents.

Harvey Weinstein is a man of several things.  He is a man of several wives.  He is a man of several kids.  He is a man of several accusations.  And he is a man of several settlements.  Weinstein is not a man of several demons.  He is a man of exponential demons that will eat him to the grave, in my honest opinion.



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