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Halle Berry And James Cordon Kill It On TBS ” Drop The Mic “



What an entertaining snippet from “Drop the Mic”, hosted by the Wu-Tang master, the M-E-T-H-O-D MAN.  I was hesitant to watch this at first thinking that it would tank, strictly based off the few snippets I’ve seen with James Cordon singing in cars with celebrities and how it appeared to be a take-off of Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out.  However, Cordon did really well.  He had a nice flow, his voice sounded like a decent battle rapper most of the time, and his lyrics were above-par.

Halle Berry, on the other hand, took longer to impress me.  She did end up winning the competition, however, I was not feeling her flow or battle rap voice for the most part.  Her lyrics were good though.  She did make me laugh a couple of times, especially with the following quote near the end of the battle: “Now why are you so angry and pushy? / Of course, you hated Cat woman, because you never get —–/.  Berry then went on to claim her victory at the end in the next couple of lines in a brilliant way.

There were many movie references in this battle rap which I’m pretty neutral about.  Both entertainers appeared to be shocked at certain comebacks from their opponent. Also, a cool, notable thing about the show was that these weren’t just two lines and done battle raps like you would frequently see in Wildin’ Out.  These were hot 6 line bars that really catch and keep your attention.



This is my first time watching the show “Drop the Mic” and I will definitely be tuned in again.  Other notable celebrities that have performed so far include Samuel L. Jackson, Usher, Kevin Hart, and Usain Bolt.  If you’re looking for laughs, positive vibes, and entertainment, you have got to check out “Drop The Mic” Tuesdays 10:30PM ET.



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