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Floyd Mayweather vs. Jake Paul…

You guys remember Celebrity Boxing that happened ever so often on Fox back in the early 2000s? It was generally something you watched because nothing else was on or you had nothing else to do. It generally featured one washed-up celebrity squaring off against another to see who would win. In a nutshell, it was a joke.

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It pains me to say, but that’s what real boxing appears to be turning into. Now, I could be wrong…in fact, I really hope I’m wrong because there’s a tremendous amount of prestigious contenders who work to their very core for the best prize in the squared circle. But, there’s no denying that the sport has lost a lot of its luster over the past few years.
Today, YouTube sensation and all-around douche bag Jake Paul stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat and made off with it. Floyd Mayweather had announced that he would take on both Jake Paul and his brother YouTube sensation at the same time on June 6. The video went viral this afternoon where the two were surrounded by press, talking trash to one another, and then
Jake yanks the prestigious champion’s hat from his head and makes a break for it. The video footage isn’t very good. It’s very difficult to see what’s going on but you can know there’s a commotion going on due to the sounds and the person who’s shoddily shooting the video.
Jake still has Floyd’s hat and he even went as far as tattooing “gotcha hat” with a hat on his right thigh.
Barstool posted the following on their Instagram (It’s f*****n amazing), with a tease that the full conversation is coming up soon.

Now…chances are this is all one elaborate play. Props to them if it is, because if not the sport just looks shoddy. I truly hope this is a plug to get these two into the ring. A few weeks ago we saw Jake Paul rise victoriously against former UFC fighter and now complete loser Ben Askren. The event aired on Triller and was far more of a concert with boxing matches spliced in between than an actual boxing card. During the event, Pete Davidson colorfully voiced how boxing had become more or less a joke and he’s far from wrong.
Back to Floyd vs. Jake. I would love for this to happen, I think a lot of people would, if not for the mere fact that Jake hasn’t actually fought against a legitimate boxer. He’s defeated a fellow YouTuber (AnEsonGib), a former NBA star (Nate Robinson), and a washed-up UFC wrestler (Ben Askren). Now…fighting Floyd might be a bit much, but it would be a fun watch, nonetheless (let’s face it we all want to see him get his ass beat).
But this still doesn’t hold from the fact that boxing is in a weird place right now. This whole Floyd/Jake ordeal has gained a lot of steam in the mere eight hours since the hat stealing went viral. Completely taking away from the fact that there’s a very prestigious fight this Saturday. Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders, for three super-middleweight belts at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas and there’s barely a mouse squeak about this match. That’s pretty bad.



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