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Fallout from Kailyn Lowry’s Accusations Against Javi Marroquin

Lowry has regrets over what she had done

It appears as though Kailyn Lowry has some guilt following her accusations towards Javi Marroquin.
In an earlier episode, this season Lowry accused Javi of trying to hook up with her in a parking lot when she was trying to get gas. She also claimed that she had numerous text messages of Javi trying to initiate a hook-up between the two. Javi is married to Lauren Comeau.

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On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’, it’s more than apparent that neither Javi nor Lauren are pleased with Kailyn’s actions.
Lowry believed she was going to: “get shit for it because I look messy, I look bitter, I look petty.”
“Lauren’s probably a nice girl, it’s not her fault, wish that I never did that. But it’s not my f–king responsibility,” Lowry then vented. “Don’t do things if you don’t want … I’m fine, I caused a shitstorm for no reason and I need to clean up with I did.”
Lowry then promised she would never “talk about shit like that ever again.”
Later in the episode, Lowry had to exchange son Lincoln with Javi at his home, where the two barely interacted during the exchange of their son. However, off-camera, Lauren tried to get Lowry’s attention. It’s essentially unclear what transpired between the two, but it was enough for Lowry to tell producers that she was done with filming for the day.
Eventually, Lowry pulled over so MTV producers could remove her cameras from her car. Lowry stated that Lauren approached her to talk to her. Lowry said:
“This is like not good, what’s about to happen. This is not good…This is not good. This is not good. This is not good.”Next week’s finale looks to reveal the fallout between the three.



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