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EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom’ and 90 Day Fiance’ Haters Watch Out! Cast Members Are Taking Bloggers And Media Outlets To Federal Court! Not Taking It Anymore! It’s Time All You Haters PAY UP!

Teen Mom and 90 Day Fiance Cast say NO MORE!

Looks like MTV and TLC cast members of the Teen Mom Franchise and 90 Day Fiance Franchise have teamed up for some sweet revenge! It’s no mystery that reality TV is a HUGE money maker for Publishers, Bloggers, Media Outlets and all Tabloids alike.. Fake News sales!
Some writers have NO HEART, involving family members and even children into there desperate attempt for popularity and clicks.
Well enough is enough! So watch out TROLLS! Watch out HATERS! And watch out BLOGGERS! Looks like these cast members have been having secret meetings all along with Lawyers to come and get you and time to pay up! Your mission is to expose them, and its time to get a little taste of your own medicine. From Lawsuits in Federal Court, to Criminal charges being filed and even Employers being called! No one is safe!

Credit MTV

I mean lets face it, how long can you do evil without it coming back to bite you right in the ass!? Hypocrisy is a M$%*!A – it usually always works out the same, the person who talks the most is usually the guilty one, we have all done a little bit of dirt wouldn’t you say?
Some of these attacks on Reality Stars have gone way to far, from Rape, to Molestation, to Cheating allegations and so much more. Imagine what these peoples kids are going to say when they grow up and read all this fake news? Its totally sick!
There’s a fine line between writing about drama and a pregnancy article that may or may not be true, too plotting on how to destroy someone’s family, career and finances.

Credit TLC

I know if someone played with my kids, family or money I’d have your ass served and criminal charges filed so quickly you wouldn’t see it coming! And that’s pretty much what’s coming to these trolls, haters, bloggers, YouTubers, and Media Outlets. Looks like ALOT of material has been gathered and collected over time and they’ve just been getting geared up with some Ammo! Good for you! We shouldn’t live in a world where random people could secretly help destroy your future, families, marriages, career and finances just because there bored, crazy, lonely, desperate, and or evil! I shouldn’t be able to just wakeup and say, ” I think I’m going to kill this persons deal, and hope she gets fired ” or ” I’m going to attack the kids today and accuse such and such of such and such “
Ahhhhhh, the taste of sweet revenge for these cast members sounds nice! 



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