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” Drita Davanzo Is in Talks To Fight Farrah Abraham Will It Really Happen!? LATEST UPDATE “

Prepare placement on your bets, popcorn and goodies. Drita Davanzo MAY want to fight Farrah Abraham of ‘Teen Mom OG’  for charity. “Will it happen? ” !! On a July 28th video posted on Drita Davanzo’s Instagram page, Farrah says Drita is someone she’d like to fight.
VHI TV Star, Drita, snapped back instantly responding,

Image Credit : TMZ

“Listen up #horseface I called u out..n u called a lawyer!!…are u gonna have a cop as the referee 2????????????? I don’t want u wearing headgear!..i don’t want a referee stopping anything!…I rather be on the streets.” Drita Davanzo continued saying, “I told u I’d pay u to come meet me…since u are so desperate to use my name to make a dollar. Howeva I have a better idea…i love boxing but when it comes to u I rather fight in a cage #ufc style…. I’m tired of people talking s—t…then calling lawyers and cops once
s—t gets real.” “Wanna do it legit…no a #cage where u belong u filthy #animal. Give me the date and time!!! I’m here! I’m ready.”
Ms. Davanzo got down, dirty and raw. This celebrity feud began when both appeared in an event early July and Farrah criticized Drita and had some untrue wild accusations. It’s too early to officially announce the fight but reps are hard at work. One thing is for sure, this is no PR stunt, this is some real old school beef! And as of right now its up to Drita Davanzo and her rep to negotiate the terms of the fight and get this fight signed off! I guess the hashtag #DritavsFarrah may help close this deal! If you’d like to see this fight happen blast the tag!



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