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Danielle Bregoli ” Cash Me Outside ” The Next Queen B?


Cussing out Dr. Phil certainly paid off for . So where can we “cash” this 14 year old sassy pants? At the recording studio. Say whaaaaat? Yes- YouTube her name and her last name pops up right away. Sooner or later someone had to break more rules on having “professional composure and manners” on set of high profile shows other than Jerry Springer or Steve Kurkos. “Ms. Potty Mouth” rose to the top this way. Her 15 minute fame got her a record deal with a top record label. Yikes… Uh, teens, please don’t get the wrong idea. The last thing society needs after the all mighty “millennials” is teenagers cussing out celebrity hosts on tv as a tactic to stardom. Keep in mind that all fame does not last. Plus, she’s infamous. But she is known. We’ll see how long this will last.



If one way or another she got a slice of fame, now it’s just a matter of keeping it. Her way of “keeping it real” is being slammed and roasted on YouTube as well as her slamming and roasting her critics or so-called “fans” back with humor and hot bad attitude with chilly pepper on top and some beyond. Her mouth can rap about 8 million curse words a minute in just one sentence with sparks of hot fueling energy to burn and melt you back to where she thinks you belong. She will say IT as it is and will come at your dreams hunting them down low and dirty backstreet hardcore freestyle into nightmares inside and out until she’s done talking. Danielle Bregoli, ladies and gentleman. LOL…




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