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Cory Wharton on Cheyenne Floyd’s budding relationship

Cory thinks they're moving a bit too fast

It appears as though Cory Wharton thinks Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis are moving a little bit too fast.
Cheyenne had the following to say in regards to her and Zachs’ decision on moving in together:
“Now that Zach and I decided we’re going to live together, I’m on the hunt for the perfect place,” Cheyenne, 26, said in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek. “Our realtor said houses are selling quickly due to the pandemic. She reached out to us about this house at the last minute and Zach was busy, so my sister’s coming look at it with me.”

Credit C.F Instagram

Just a few weeks ago the two shared a moment in which Cory revealed that he was going to be away filming the newest season of MTV’s The Challenge.
Cheyenne revealed that she wasn’t too happy with the idea because of their child, in which Corey revealed that he would be on the first plane back if need be.
Now, however…It seems as if things are a bit different between the two.
After the house hunting, Cory would call Cheyenne. Cory initially thought the house hunting was for Cheyenne and her sister to move into, in which she made it known that she didn’t want to talk about it at the moment:
“Listen, I’m done these crazy phone calls. First, you tell me you’re in a relationship, now you wanna call me and tell me you want to buy a house. Like, you know what that third one is?” Cory said.
“What’s the third one? Let’s hear it,” Cheyenne responded. “You better slow you f–king roll, fast,” he warned her.
“There’s really some days where I’m genuinely like, ‘Dang I really want Cory to come back.’ And then this happens and I’m like, ‘Nah, he can stay,’” Cheyenne said with a laugh.
Cory would then tell Cheyenne: “You guys are taking things very quickly.”
This prompted Cheyenne to put an end to the conversation:
“Alright, that was great. Alright Cor.” Before telling Ryder to say goodbye.
Cheyenne would open up to her sister: “Cory’s coming back to so much s–t. Not s–t like that, but like …”
“He’s coming home to so many new things and so many changes,” Cheyenne continued. “I mean like, me dating and me and Ry looking for a new house and … that’s all I got. But those are big things!”



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