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Chicago Rapper Lil Reese Shot

The artist and three others were found in a parking garage

Chicago rapper Lil Reese was found shot with three others in a Near North Side parking garage. It’s believed the dispute that led to the shooting was over a stolen vehicle.The three gunshot victims were reported around 9:50 am on Saturday in the first block of West Grand Avenue. The police spokeswoman Sally Brown said:

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“Apparently they were all shooting at each other,”
Chicago rapper Lil Reese whose real name is Tavares Taylor (28) was one of the victims. Also among the victims was a twenty-year-old man who was shot twice in the knee who was taken to Stroger Hospital and is reported in good condition. A twenty-seven-year-old man was shot multiple times and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is reported in critical condition.
It’s reported that Lil Reese was grazed in the eye. Original reports weren’t sure if Lil Reese was one of the victims, but graphic videos proved his involvement.
Allegedly a Dodge Durango was reported to have been stolen on Saturday, which got littered with bullets in a parking garage. Reese was accused of being involved with the carjacking but he told police that he wasn’t involved with the incident, but only directing the men in the car. Unfortunately, he was caught in the crossfire.
There is video footage of the shooting that’s making its way around the internet if you’re interested in seeing what happened.

In the footage, Reese can be seen bleeding from the head and on the ground. The footage also shows him being accused of stealing someone’s car, being tracked down, and then being shot over the incident. There’s also another man who appears in the video who is partaking in the car theft but he denies his involvement. The people in the video call out Reese’s name, as police and other first responders attend to him and the wounded.
This would be the second shooting for Reese in two years. Lil Reese took another bullet in his hometown in Chicago. Before that he had been shot (and almost died) in the Windy City.



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