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Carson Daley Suffers A Serious Loss In His Family Alongside An Amazing Reunion


Carson Daily, host of the TRL show, and MTV icon has suffered a considerable loss recently with the passing of his mother (Patty Daly Caruso); followed by the passing of his step-father (Richard Caruso) roughly a month later.

Daily took to social media to express his feelings and to lament the recent tragedies taking place amongst his family recently. After the loss of his father, Daily stated, “He’s reunited with mom now. Our faith remains strong. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers” (Drysdale, 2017).

Daily was even lamenting the fact that his step-father’s health was even in great “peril” after the passing of his mother, in which he took to Twitter to express this. During this stint, he had already called what was going on, “A rough month” (Drysdale, 2017)




No one should have to worry about the loss of a parent, but to lose both within such a short period of time is an unbearable amount of weight that no soul should have to go through.

This makes us wonder, what will be next for Carson Daily? Will he continue to be stricken down with heartaches and pain? Or will this make him and his family undeniably stronger? Does positivity lay ahead for the Daily family after this devastating time?

It appears Daily will be okay for now as he is quoted saying, “I have great faith, great family, incredible friends (Drysdale, 2017).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Daily family especially Carson, his siblings, and any other nucleus members of their family. Once again, it is insurmountable to lose a loved one, but to lose two loved ones, parents nonetheless, within approximately a month on one another, would be too much for many average folks to handle, in my opinion. Stay strong Daily family.




References-Drysdale Jennifer. “Carson Daly’s Stepfather Dies a Month After His Mother: ‘He’s Reunited With Mom Now’.” Entertainment Tonight, ETOnline, 24 Oct. 2017,



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