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“Callisto” The App That Might Save Your Life


More women are coming forward after the Weinstein’s allegations circulating everywhere. This has significantly been raising awareness about sexual harassment and how to prevent its continuance.

Non-profit called, “Sexual Health Innovators” created a phone app called, “Callisto.” This phone application helps survivors file a report.

They can do one of three options. Record abuses, file a report or save a report until someone else files against the same perpetrator. The third option is partly described by the Michigan Law Review as “information escrow.” This assures confidentiality until another report is filed. This app is only being used on college campuses. Yale University economist, Ian Ayres is co-developer of “Callisto.” Mr. Ayres has been receiving numerous of messages to expand the availability of this app since the recent allegations against Weinstein.



The non-profit creators already found 15% of reports match and app users take half of the time it would typically take for someone to report a sexual assault. Survivors usually hesitate to file a claim right away, so “Callisto” is a good source of granting assurance in making a difference and awareness of sexual harassment of any type.

Mr. Ayres admits the app has one glitch. No action takes place unless another complaint is done against the same person. But on the positive side, this can begin a troll to the network. The rise of this app is in the works as Mr. Ayres needs $5 million to enter a good market. He is looking for different sources of income to make this happen. We wish the best for this app to grow.



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