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Brutal fight Breaks out during Celebrity Boxing Press Conference

Who needs a ring when you’ve got a stage?

Pauly Paul and Strikes…that’s who.

The two got brutal with one another during a press conference for their upcoming boxing fight in October. 

The press conference started off as calmly as one would expect until words were exchanged.  Words of violence turned to fists of violence as Strikes lunged forward to attack Paulie…and from there things just got BONKERS.

The fight spilled out off the stage as others got involved.  It’s a bit difficult to see who gains the upper hand, but if I had to guess I’d say Paul Paul. 

Paul does take to his Instagram to comment on what had happened as well as throw some vicious shade at Strikes for his attack.  Paul boasts about how Strikes and the two individuals who assisted in the attack weren’t enough to stop him: 

Credit Instagram

Strikes didn’t really take to social media to showcase the matter, so that alone might speak for itself.

credit Instagram

Judging from the video both men got a few pretty good hits on one another, the tension and the animosity is there, two essential ingredients for a good fight.

The bout between the two is part of an already stacked card featuring TikTok Star Holy God against Reality Star Prince, and Lamar Odom vs. Riddick Bowe as the main event.

The fight takes place on, Saturday October 2nd



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