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Boy In Police Custody Tasered Multiple Times Files Lawsuit (Video)

Ashland City, TN – A newly filed federal lawsuit has claimed Cheatham County Sheriff’s Deputies that used excessive force on an 18-year-old in custody in 2016.

Jordan Norris was arrested on drug and weapons charges last November and spent several days in Cheatham County Jail.

During his stay, it is said that Jordan allegedly hit a police officer, and this is when the deputies decided to get a little payback of their own.


It’s obvious by the laughs of the deputies that they might have taken their justice a bit too far. Considering that the individual was already restrained and no threat to the police.

In some cases, the victims of these tasers end up dying due to complications of the heart. As you can see Jordan is being tasered directly on the heart. Stun guns like the Taser operate by disrupting the electrical flow of signals through nerve cells. This electrical flow drives the ability of the muscles to respond to commands from the brain, and allows information that the body receives from the outside world (i.e., touch, taste, smell) to be communicated to the brain. The disruption of the nerve cells is achieved by the generation of an electrical charge by the Taser that has a high voltage and low amperage. Put another way, the electrical charge has a great deal of pressure, but is not intense. The pressure of the charge allows the charge to penetrate into the body, even though several layers of clothing. In order for it to be effective, the person must be close, even in direct contact, with the electrodes of the Taser. Because the electrical charge is not intense, the brief surge of electricity is not powerful enough to physically damage the person’s body.

Stun guns, including the Taser, consist of a transformer, oscillator, capacitor, and electrodes. The transformer generates the voltage; typically between 20,000 and 150,000 volts. The oscillator introduces the pulsations in the electrical charge. The charge is built up in the capacitor, which releases the charge to the electrodes. It is the electrodes that send the charge into the body, when the electricity bridges the gap between the oppositely charged electrodes.

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  1. Those mother fuckers need to be put behind bars. How sick and twisted can they really be. I bet that’s not the first time they’ve done something like that to someone. But this kid here is the first to say something and do something. So good for him. Get them for everything they have! Fucking Assholes.


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