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Emily Mitchell’s Cause of Death Revealed


In December, thirty-six-year-old influencer, Emily Mitchell passed away.
Mitchell ran ‘The Hidden Way’ and was pregnant with her fifth child during her unfortunate passing.

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It was revealed that Mitchell passed on December 22nd due to a pulmonary embolism, according to the state Medical Examiner’s Office. Her cause of death was announced on the family’s GoFundMe page on Tuesday.
“Although it is challenging to wrap our heads around how this could have happened, we know all first responders and medical personnel did everything they could to help, and therefore we are certain that it was simply her time,” the update said. “The Lord was calling her home.”
On December 22nd, Mitchell became unresponsive during her breakfast at her Rhode Island home. Efforts to save the thirty-six-year-old and her fetus were unfortunately unsuccessful. Mitchell was the creator of ‘The Hidden Way’ Instagram page and blog, which followed her faith and family as she homeschooled her four children.
Mitchell passed due to a pulmonary embolism which pregnant women are at risk of developing. Symptoms include shortness of breath, a cough, excessive sweating, clammy skin, and a rapid heartbeat. A pulmonary embolism involves a clot in the arteries of a person’s lungs. The condition is common but unfortunately fatal.
Mitchell shared the news of her upcoming baby and the fact that she and her husband were naming him Joey. On December 8th she announced that she was undergoing her fifth cesarean section. Joey would be joining her four other children, Finn, Isla, Edie, and Luna.
Her online obituary wrote: “Beautiful inside and out, Emily had an infectious smile and a kind, compassionate spirit. Her exuberant personality radiated outwardly in her interactions and relationships with all who knew her. Emily was a symbol of strength during the most challenging of times for so many.”Condolences.

Kris Jenner May Have No Choice But To Take Legal Action Against Ava Louise


A representative for Kris Jenner states that she has no idea who Ava Louise is, continuing that if she continues to concoct fake stories there could be legal repercussions.

Credit: Ava Louise Instagram

Social Media influencer Ava Louise was responsible for sparking the rumors between Kanye West and Jeffree Star. Later in the week, Star would deny any rumors that there was a thing between the two.
The rumors would spread across social media like a hypnotic wildfire. Ava would admit that she concocted the entire scenario as well as the fact that she received a cease and desist letter which threatened legal action if Ava didn’t cool it on the rumors involving Kim and Kanye.
However, a representative for Kris would later state that the cease and desist letter was totally made up: “We have zero clue who this person is and have not yet taken legal action. However, if she continues to spread lie after lie and a fake letter in a desperate cry for public attention, which she has admitted on record that she’s seeking, then we will have no choice but to take legal action on principle… Making up fake stories in an effort to monetize and get attention which has a direct effect on people’s lives is not OK. Perhaps she should spend that time instead seeking the help that she clearly needs to deal with her issues.”
Louise gained popularity (or notoriety) by licking a toilet seat in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. She would only gain traction for her wild TikTok’s and through various things that she would say and do. A song she recorded on her TikTok would only increase her fame.
Only time will tell if Ava continues with her shenanigans in the brewing pot of Kim and Kanye.

‘Teen Mom Og’ Star Amber Portwood Files Restraining Order Against Ex-Andrew Glennon


Amber Portwood has been granted a restraining order against her ex-Andrew Glennon. The story was confirmed by ‘People.’

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The court reports from Indiana’s Marion County that the order was issued on Monday, January 11th for: preventing interference with respondent’s parenting time.” The couple shares two-year-old James.
Portwood claimed that Glennon refused to let her see James throughout the week of Christmas. Allegedly, Glennon was traveling with James during Portwood’s visiting time. Portwood claimed that the lost visitation time should be made up in the future and that Glennon had to pay her attorney’s fees.
This isn’t the first time the couple’s dealt with legal situations. Back in 2019, Portwood was arrested for striking Glennon while he was holding their son in which Portwood was charged for domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than sixteen-years-old. Glennon would remark on the matter:
“That night was one of the scariest nights of my life and my mind replays the moments to no end. When I begged you to please stop shouting in front of our infant and your reply was, ‘It doesn’t matter, he’s just a baby,'” Glennon said. “Be a mother for once in your life.”
During an episode of Teen Mom OG back in April of 2020, Portwood talked about the matter:
“I just want it done…I’m so adamant on, ‘Please, just get this done.’ None of this is a victory. This has all been hell.”
Portwood and Glennon dated from July 2017 to July 2019. Glennon has primary custody of James, while Portwood sees him three times a week in addition to previously agreed-upon holidays. The arrest from 2019 was what caused the inevitable split between the two.

YFI Lucci: Wanted For Murder


Rapper YFN Lucci (Rayshawn Bennett) has been suspected of murder and he’s now a wanted man throughout Atlanta.

Credit CNN

Lucci is suspected to have ties to the shooting and death of a man as well as numerous other felonies. Lucci is being currently being charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, participation in criminal street gang activity, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.
Lucci is believed to be involved with a shooting in southwest Atlanta, an event that transpired last month. Officers responded to calls of a person being shot around 5:20 pm on December 10th. Cops found James Adams ( 28) lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the face. Police reports state that Adams died on his way to the hospital. Not long after Kevin Wright (32) would arrive at a fire station with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Homicide Investigators would conclude that both shootings were indeed linked. Cops have made two arrests, twenty-three-year-old Ra’Von Boyd and seventeen-year-old Leroy Pitts who were booked for the felony of murder.
“The presumption of innocence is a fundamental constitutional right for every citizen. Beyond this, we have no further comment at this time,” YFN Lucci attorney Thomas Reynolds said in a statement to CNN on Wednesday.
Lucci is still at large.
$5,000 is being offered through Crime Stoppers for any form of information that could lead to the arrest of Lucci.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus and her Sister Brittany Have Another Sibling You May Not Know About


It seems as though Brianna DeJesus is getting her own hour-long special: Teen Mom 2: Brianna’s Family Secret.

Credit InTouch

The hour-long special will appear to focus on the startling revelation that she may have a long lost brother. A recent clip showed Briana revealing the news to sister Brittany: “I don’t know if you knew, but you have a brother.” It also seems as though the news was broken to Briana prior to the reveal and of course…emotions were stirred between herself and her mother, Roxanne: “It wasn’t hiding! It was trying to protect you.”
Brittany would remark with animosity: “Are you kidding me right now?” she shouts before leaving and slamming the front door.
Unfortunately, it appears as though tensions are arising between the DeJesus family when things were on the road to becoming much better.
Briana DeJesus gave her sister the gift of friendship this past holiday season.
Brittany stated that her sister bought her plane tickets for her and two of her friends so the sisters could be reunited. On a Twitter post, Brittany posted: “I’ve been going through the worse depression these past couple of weeks and my sister went ahead and flew 2 of my best friends here for the weekend to try and cheer me up,” she tweeted. “I’m in a mini panic but also full of so much joy. Like wow… my friends, family, and God really got me.”
Brittany would also remark that her and her friends had been tested for Covid and that they had tested ”negative” prior to their flight.

Teen Mom Alumn Farrah Abraham’s Stunning Photo Shoot with her Daughter


Farrah Abraham just did a ravishing photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

Credit Bazaar

Abraham would state that the photoshoot was a farewell to her (painful) twenties as she approached the age of thirty.
The star’s photoshoot was simply stunning with one photo showing Abraham’s posing in a gorgeous wine-colored gown with a tantalizing tulle skirt, with another showing her in a dramatic off the shoulder black and blue velvet gown with matching thigh-high boots.
Abraham’s would also bring her daughter Sophia in for a few of the photos. Sophia would sport a t-shirt with the phrase: “The Future is Female”
Abraham’s would remark on her enthusiasm to be Bazaar’s first cover star of 2021: “I’m thrilled to be Harper’s Bazaar first cover star of 2021! Such a great way to kick off the year!”During her interview with Bazaar, Abraham’s would remark on past confrontations with her Mom as well as how far they’ve progressed. She would remark on how she acknowledged her Mom’s previous hardships and while she may not agree with some of her parent’s opinion’s she’s grown to accept them for who they are:
‘I just know as an adult that my mom has done her best among her mental challenges and bad experiences in life. That may mean I don’t ever expect as much as I used to from my parents and no longer put them on a pedestal, but I instead to choose to love and accept them as they are… ‘I’ve had a decade of trauma therapy and it was all well worth it, as I now have great communication with my parents after a very rocky departure from the TV show Teen Mom, which was focused on pinning me against my mom…”
Abraham’s would also speak out about parenting as well as what she had planned for her daughter Sophia, who was previously featured in New York Fashion Week.
Abraham’s would also remark on how her run with Teen Mom left her sick and depressed as well as how she chose to pick herself up and move beyond it.

Teen Mom 2: The Emotional Farewell for Chelsea Houska


Tuesday’s reunion special of Teen Mom 2 marked the final appearance of series veteran Chelsea Houska.

Credit The Sun

Houska provided some more information in regards to her departure on the reunion episode: “I was losing sleep over this for weeks. To me, it got to the point where it didn’t feel right anymore, it didn’t feel it was good for my mental health… “It wasn’t an easy decision…This has been my life since I was 17. To say this was a scary decision would be an understatement.”
Eventually, her husband Cole DeBoer would join and clarify that Houska’s monumental decision wasn’t an easy one: “She knows I’m right behind her and whatever she wants to do, I’ll be right here.”
Houska would elaborate the following: “It came down to Aubree. You know your kids and what’s best for them. As a family, we were all kind of feeling the same way…I cherish the open relationship I have with Aubree. When I would see some scenes of her and I alone talking, when I tell you it made me sick, I did not like how it made me feel anymore.”
What followed was a tear-jerking montage presented by Dr. Drew that highlighted Houska’s remarkable duration with Teen Mom 2. Highlighting everything from her relationship with Adam Lind, to her relationship with Cole DeBoer.
Houska would conclude her duration on Teen Mom 2 by providing a message to her seventeen-year-old self:
“I would just say that you are good enough and it’s gonna be okay and just keep f—ing going,” she said, “it’s going to be amazing.”
Best of luck to Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer <3.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Changes Son Creed’s Last Name


It’s more than apparent that there are negative tensions between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez. Lowry’s believed for years that Lopez has never been around for her and her kids.
Lowry had such negative feelings towards Lopez that she left his name out of their first child’s name, calling him Lux Lowry due to Lopez’s consistent absence. Yet, Lowry would eventually show shades of sympathy with their second child Creed, born on July 30, going with the name “Chris Romello Lopez”

Credit In touch

Seeing as tensions have grown even more toxic between the two, Lowry has sporadically changed the name of Creed to “Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez”. Lowry made the name change official when a fan asked what Creed’s full name was through Instagram, in which Lowry responded:
“Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez now”
Fans were quick to ask if she was hyphenating all of her children’s names, but Lowry didn’t respond.
Lowry would reveal on her podcast Coffee Convos’ that she was giving Chris Lopez another chance to step up as a father. She would tell co-host Lindsie Chrisley: “So this is another attempt of me trying to give [Chris] a chance to step up as a dad. Nothing I do is going to change someone else’s behavior; however, I feel this is me giving him another chance to, like, not argue about the last name and try to be there.”
Lowry would reveal that Chris hadn’t seen Creed since he was born, this would only increase the animosity between the two. Tensions hit an all-time high when Chris took Lux out for a hair cut and cut off his hair without Lowry’s consent. Lowry would reveal the new haircut on Instagram with the following: “Parenting with a narcissist be like” in which she was clearly referencing Lopez.
Lopez would retort in his defense via Instagram video, claiming that he wanted Lux’s hair to be short and that she was lucky he didn’t have the stylist go even further with the chop. “If you wanna be real, I was basically telling the girl keep going. I’ve been wanting to cut my son’s hair. So the fact that I cut off a little bit of his edges, she’s lucky I didn’t f**king scalp his a**….That’s my son. So If I decide to make a decision on my son, I can,”

Fallout from Kailyn Lowry’s Accusations Against Javi Marroquin


It appears as though Kailyn Lowry has some guilt following her accusations towards Javi Marroquin.
In an earlier episode, this season Lowry accused Javi of trying to hook up with her in a parking lot when she was trying to get gas. She also claimed that she had numerous text messages of Javi trying to initiate a hook-up between the two. Javi is married to Lauren Comeau.

Credit Reality Tea

On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’, it’s more than apparent that neither Javi nor Lauren are pleased with Kailyn’s actions.
Lowry believed she was going to: “get shit for it because I look messy, I look bitter, I look petty.”
“Lauren’s probably a nice girl, it’s not her fault, wish that I never did that. But it’s not my f–king responsibility,” Lowry then vented. “Don’t do things if you don’t want … I’m fine, I caused a shitstorm for no reason and I need to clean up with I did.”
Lowry then promised she would never “talk about shit like that ever again.”
Later in the episode, Lowry had to exchange son Lincoln with Javi at his home, where the two barely interacted during the exchange of their son. However, off-camera, Lauren tried to get Lowry’s attention. It’s essentially unclear what transpired between the two, but it was enough for Lowry to tell producers that she was done with filming for the day.
Eventually, Lowry pulled over so MTV producers could remove her cameras from her car. Lowry stated that Lauren approached her to talk to her. Lowry said:
“This is like not good, what’s about to happen. This is not good…This is not good. This is not good. This is not good.”Next week’s finale looks to reveal the fallout between the three.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued for Previous Robbery


Tekashi 6ix9ine has been sued for a robbery he allegedly took part in back in April of 2018.
Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier have filed a lawsuit against the rapper. The two believed the rapper took part in a criminal conspiracy that was set in motion in April of 2018.
The two were harassed and robbed at gunpoint in New York City. Tekashi would testify and pled guilty in a federal court. Wonzer and Dozier want the rapper to pay them for the assault, battery, and emotional distress they endured.

Credit Page Six

Documents state that Wonzer and Dozier lost shoes, master recordings, hard drives, jewelry, camera, and cash. Tekashi believed the two were associated with Rap-A-Lot Records which they weren’t.
Tekashi himself didn’t take part in the actual robbing, but he did record the debacl
TMZ spoke to Wonzer who also goes by the name Skyy Daniels about the incident and she strongly believes that the two-year prison sentence wasn’t fair in regards to what herself and Dozier went through.
The suit has been filed by Joe Tacopina who states that although Tekashi didn’t perform the actual robbery, he did film the whole thing from his SUV outside, while his assailants of the Nine Trey Bloods did the crime. Tacopina wrote:
“If Tekashi69 thought his legal problems were over after pleading guilty to brutally assaulting my clients, he was woefully mistaken…We do know this now – if he refuses to redress the injuries he caused my clients, he’ll sincerely regret that decision.”

Arianna Grande is Engaged!!


It appears as though Arianna Grande is engaged again! This time to her boyfriend Dalton Gomez. While he may not be as big of a name as her previous fiancé Pete Davidson, he’s stolen her heart nonetheless.

Credit Arianna Grande Instagram

Gomez (25) is a luxury real estate agent born and raised in California. Despite only doing the job for five years, he’s worked with numerous A-list buyers and has sold numerous multi-million dollar homes.
Grande announced the engagement on Sunday via her Instagram with a set of photographs of herself and Gomez. The photos were of happy couple lying on the floor as well as closeups of the ravishing new rock for her finger. The caption read:
“forever n then some”
Congratulations to Ari and Dalton!!!

R & B Singer Ann Marie Released on Bond After Shooting BF In Head


R & B Singer Ann Marie is out of jail and now on…house arrest.

Credit Hip Hop DX

The R & B singer was arrested last week for the alleged shooting of a male friend, Jonathan Wright. Upon her arrest, Marie stated that the gun fell off the table, went off, and shot her friend in the head.
Wright was shockingly conscious upon the cops’ arrival and even coherent enough to answer questions. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Marie was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Marie was able to post her $60k bond to get out of jail, but the judge placed her on immediate house arrest, clarifying that she could only travel for work, with prior approval.
Those aren’t the only restrictions for the R & B artist. Marie has to give the court a twenty-four-hour heads up for any appointments, and she’ll have to provide proof of the appointment.
Authorities will be aware of any unwarranted departures due to the ankle monitor. Marie was also ordered to have no contact with Wright, his family members, or his close associates.